Summer lovin' meets winter chillin'

GreenSmoothie.JPG a glass!

I am back on my daily green smoothie kick, so how do I keep it exciting? Seasons change, the winds shift, temperatures drop. Yes, call in the clichés, they all equal change. So why would my green smoothie stay the same?

As we moved into fall, I started adding warming spices to my regular banana-spinach-chia seed smoothie. A little cinnamon, a little cardamom, some cacao or vanilla, a lot of cinnamon, hmmm. Then I moved into upping the creamy factor. Some cashew butter, coconut milk, another banana. Eventually I ended up with a smoothie that felt like sitting in front of a fire with a cashmere blanket, absolutely divine. And yet so the palate goes, like the weather, after a few days it needed a change.

We are now deep enough into the colder weather and shorter days for nostalgia to set in about those fresh, tart summer flavours. I was also craving a 'pick-me-up' rather than a 'ground-and-envelop-me'. I had seen some gorgeous (imported) mangos at the market and just couldn't resist. The mangos brought back a tropical summer flair, but they weren't enough to pop the smoothie out from under its heavy winter blanket. Enter: ginger and lime.

Two such potent ingredients making an appearance together was just the thing to elevate this smoothie to Summer Lovin' levels and yet provide us with the Winter Chillin' support our bodies need. The ginger brought the much-needed winter warming factor and the lime provided its vitamin C and immune-boosting properties!

Together with coconut and banana, I could evoke summer in a glass and still protect against the winter chill. And my palate had a party with the creamy, sweet, tangy, spicy combination. A blissful green smoothie, like finding nirvana. And in a day or two, ask me again, as I'll be on the search for what's next.