A Pink Think

pink smoothie.jpg

Friday mornings... by then I am usually reeling from a week of too much output and not enough input. This Friday morning started with a brainstorming meeting so I needed enough brain power to be able to think. Not ordinary thinking, I wanted creative, all-faculties-intact, earthly-and-beyond thinking! So how do I generate something where there is nothing? My body was limp from battling allergy season plus undergoing desensitisation therapy for my fall allergies. My brain was fried due to a week of just too much too fast. And I'll admit it, even yoga and meditation fell by the wayside this week. (Yes, shock and horror.) I wanted to be alert for my meetings and more than that I wanted to enjoy them! I wanted to rock my day! But how, when my head was so foggy I could barely see straight? I did a self-experiment and this Friday was one of the best days I have had in a while!

Daphne's experiment to rocking your day when it feels hopeless:

1. I started with an intention. There was no way I could rock my day in my condition, so I was going to need help. Wherever that help was going to come from, it was going to need clear communication from me as to what kind of help was needed. I set the intention that although I was not in a state to create the kind of day I wanted to have, I was still committed to having that kind of day anyway and would remain open to all support coming my way to make it possible. Whether it was something for my body to feel well, help in resolving the issues I was handling that day or people to come into the mix and take things on, I was open to receiving support.

2. I did a few minutes of alternate nostril meditative breathing and gave myself a few moments of being still to let my nervous system recalibrate which helps me be more open throughout the day. At some point the image of a pink smoothie flew through my thoughts. The color was calling to me, it’s always a good sign when we feel drawn to something. So I decided to take action on that image.

3. I walked into the kitchen to make a superfood smoothie. I turned to Maca and Açai Berry superfoods to support my adrenals and fatigue and added strawberries for the antioxidants and a banana and coconut milk to keep me going until lunch.

I was in a rush to get out the door and had almost skipped making the superfood smoothie, but I knew these 5 minutes were crucial to rocking my day, so I stayed committed and made the smoothie. I was already starting to feel better as I stepped out the door with glass jar in hand holding a gorgeous pink smoothie. I actually wanted to wear the color I was so in love. Maybe there is even a boost we get from the act of caring for ourselves.

That's all! That's the recipe. 1 intention, 7 alternate nostril breaths, 1 superfood smoothie and remaining open that support would come my way.

My brainstorming meeting ended up being phenomenal. I felt clear, alert and ideas streamed in exactly when I needed them. No energy required, just being present in the moment. As I checked emails and texts, issues that had been open for a while were getting resolved quickly and with ease. I was full of joy, inspiration and gratitude that such a turnaround was possible. Not only could I make it through my day, I could love it too!

Intention? Meditation? Superfood smoothie? Divine intervention? All of the above? I can't say what the determining factor was, but it has made me a believer that small acts have big effects.  I was humbled by this experience.

We don’t have to accept having a subpar day before it has even started. The day we want to have is possible even when we don't know how it's possible. A little support for our body, mind and spirit can create a miracle for our day!

Have you had a miracle turnaround? What is your recipe? Share it with us and we can all add it to our rock-your-day toolbox!