Feel Good - Do Good


At Sukha Juice Bar we tend to the inner garden as well as the outer garden. We make it easy for you to live healthy and happy in a sustainable way! You can feel good about doing something healthy for yourself as well as for the planet!

We invest a lot of our time and resources to create sustainable business practices and still service our busy customers. 

We support the local organic farms who care for the soil and avoid chemicals therefore providing more nutrient-rich fresh produce. We get more nourishment and the soil stays rich with minerals and good bacteria, it’s a win-win!

We also invest in glass bottles for our juices and reuse them. Sukha juices are as packaging-free as possible. Plus with glass we don’t have chemicals leaching into our cold-pressed juices. 

And finally our to-go packaging for smoothies and other products is made out of corn starch which composts.

We want to help you live healthy and happy on the inside and out! That way you can feel good and do good at the same time, spreading your gifts to your surroundings.